Saturday, September 10, 2011

Playroom conversion

Linking to OrgJunkie's post today for 9/30 on the topic of procrastination. This room is a PERFECT example. Why? Because waaaay down at the bottom, you'll see the room that used to be the play room and is now our media room. We converted the playroom in *February*. It is now September. Guess who doesn't have a real media room yet?

At least we got the playroom part done..

This is what the "formal living" became - it's right around the corner from my office so the kids are within hearing (and with very slight effort, within sight).

Yep, it held bookshelves, and was basically "the christmas room".  Pardon the mess, this was during a birthday party/clothing swap between family member's kids! Which was converted to:

 There's also a "dishwasher" that goes with the kitchen, but there wasn't room for it. Since this picture was taken the following was added: a shelf over the kitchen to hold dolls; a 12 unit Cubeicals (2 6's stacked high) to the right of the kitchen with bins for the smaller toys, and the hanging meshes to the left were moved elsewhere to be covered in a later post.
A shorter bar like the one in the laundry center with multi colored cups holds the kitchenware that was always getting lost in the larger kitchen pieces. It's neat, tidy, and easy to keep up with! Bonus - it cost $6 total.
You can see the art supply bookcase on the left. Changes since this picture were made: I ordered 3 matching tie dyed scarves from a friend that are longer than the middle one pictured, and got rid of the "dressy" grey ones. We added a canopy over the table from one of my favorite places ever, Hearthsong  that used to be in my older daughter's room, she'd outgrown. We also added a rug from IKEA to assist with dried playdoh (and then theraputty) droppings. The table was replaced with a natural colored one with a hidden leaf that expands for when they have friends over and need more room.

Not pictured at all: A Tangled tower that youngest got for Christmas that year standing next to the fireplace, and a spinning egg chair from IKEA for her sensory needs on the other side of the fireplace. The room is getting a little crowded, but considering that this used to be the playroom (size: 30ftx18ft) and it's been put into a room that's 11x13, I'd say we're doing pretty well.
The room above, btw, is going to be our Media Room, but is currently our junkroom while all these other rooms are being taken care of! Eeeeek. It will be the LAST room to be completed, by our plan.

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