Sunday, July 7, 2013

56,000 views and 2 years

Thank you to everyone who started this journey with me and to those who stayed on.

We've been on hiatus, but we're far from done. In fact, I've been very busy lately with organizing projects, which has led me to a whole new level of understanding that I can't wait to be writing about. (and yes, there are pictures!).

I lost my mother in June of 2011. I also watched my husband go through the loss of both of his grandparents, and the emotional toll that it took on everyone to deal with their belongings and the home they left behind. In March of this year, my grandmother passed and I now face that same process.

For many, that kind of emotional loss can cause, or exacerbate, a tendency to hoard. We want to hold on to everything that reminded us of that loved one. The practical process after a death occurs can make this even more overwhelming, as heirlooms and inheritances come to pass.

For me, it has caused almost the opposite. Each year that passes, I find myself shopping for certain things less, donating and throwing away more, and realizing that my time is better spent doing things rather than having things (and taking care of those things that we do have).

This blog will be ending, and a new one beginning. Once I've secured the domain and the site has been built, I will post it here so you can visit my new web-home.

I'm no longer on an operation to organize - an operation has a beginning and an end. Instead, I'm living simpler and bigger. The new blog site isn't going to be about just one part of my life, but about how all the parts of it are connected.

1. Organization projects both in my own home and others'. 
2. Trying out new things - reviews on, well, new things!
3. Life with three special needs children, including educational advocacy.
4. Practical advice for any and all of those categories.
5. Contests. I have some really neat ideas in store for new and old readers alike.

I hope you'll follow me on this new path, and thanks for the memories of this one.