Saturday, September 10, 2011

Making use of odd space

Some of my not-quite-finished projects I'd like to share with you. When they are totally complete, I'll post the final results as well (either updating this post or doing a new one). These are all part of my weekly projects for OrgJunkie's 52 Weeks of Organizing.

We have an entryway closet that was a nightmare. It was cut 2" too short to the back to actually hold hangers, let alone thick coats. The top shelf was too high and hard to keep mittens/hats/etc on that came down. The door is very skinny, 23", even though the closet is actually about 30" across, making it hard to get "back into" that little side area. It also means most shoe storage hangers and such are too wide to hang on the back of the door.

My DH helped me find the solution for this, which was to create a storage closet instead and move the coats elsewhere.

My 95% done project (shelves are done, bins purchased, organization within the bins is done.. labels remain to be done in a way that stays on the damn cubes but isn't permanent so I can change it as needed later):

I did make a few changes after this picture was taken. The bottom dark green cube has been replaced with a matching pink one; and um I put them in rainbow order going down for visual impact. DH also fixed the shelf that wasn't spaced correctly. You can only see 4 shelves here, but there are in fact 5 and then an open area at the bottom where my Cropstation rolls away and my camera bag sits.

The tied-on labels don't work. I experimented with badge holders, horizontal format, to tie them on with ribbon but they keep coming undone and falling off. I'm now currently debating some iron-on fabric I can print out, trim, and iron on but not sure if they will be removable enough if I need to change them in future, while remaining well stuck on so that the corners don't peel away with use.

I use this closet A LOT - it holds everything from basic party supplies (streamers, plastic tablecovers, solid colored napkins and such), to extra office and school supplies, all my hobby items including my coupons and scrapbooking supplies, photos, etc. It meets all of my goals - it's clean, neat, and organized; it's easily and quickly changed to meet future needs; it makes the best use of this odd space.

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  1. Looks good! I use similar bins and use a peg to hold a label onto the front at the top - they're harder to knock off and easy to change.