Friday, September 23, 2011

First stage of kitchen renovation: Measurement

Today I met with our contractors to start the kitchen renovation process. I've already spent the past few months researching the materials, style, functional assessment of the existing kitchen, and such on my own. I'm pretty sure DH is sick of it, and they haven't even started yet! Heh.

Measuring was the word of the day. We discussed many options. This is going to be a complete rip out of the existing cabinetry; custom built cabinets and installation; possible upgrade options that will be decided on dependent on cost; and last but not least, we may have to replace most of the downstairs tile floor as they are unsure it will be undamaged by the ripout (we do not have any extra tiles, and are not the first owners of the home that chose it). I will be getting an estimate on the flooring after the estimate for the cabinetry comes back to see the overall budget we are looking at.

I was pleased that we seemed to be very in tune balancing their suggestions for what they've seen be successful or functional, and my desires and needs. We are definitely incorporating some unusual elements based on my grandmother's old-style custom kitchen - a pull out chopping block above the tableware drawer, and a cookie sheet "slot" cabinet next to the stove. These can be incorporated pretty inexpensively. Other things may get the axe because of cost, but are being included in the estimate because of Style, such as a wine rack above the fridge instead of a plain cabinet, or extending a pretty nonfunctional workspace to the left of my sink to hold a bookshelf where that end sticks out into the eating area. I would love the additional counter space and shelving, but again, that will depend on cost, after I see what the flooring will be to replace.

Next step will be Decisions when the estimates come in. I'm excited, but anxious - we've never done such a large project before, ever. I'm very nervous about the expense, the time we'll be without a kitchen at all, the cleanup, and hoping everything looks the way I'm envisioning it and that I don't make some silly expensive mistake on a choice like stain color!

Have you redone your kitchen? Did you encounter any unforeseen issues, or make helpful and interesting alternative plans you whipped up for "odd" areas or spaces?

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