Saturday, September 10, 2011

Backpack Station version 1.0 vs Charging Station

I loved this, but sadly, it was replaced later with something that fit the needs of the library/office better, and was moved. However it was cool while it lasted, and worked, so here it is for reference sake:
This was taken around Halloween (thus the fall jackets, and the decorations on the top shelf). Everyone's coats hung here, you could sit on the bench to put your shoes on, and the backpacks slid under the bench. 

Problems: It looked really junky with all the coats there sticking out in my main hallway. Nowhere for umbrellas, shoes, or accessories (hats etc). And while the pieces matched each other, they matched nothing else within view of them.

Replacing them is this:

This is a shoe cabinet from IKEA. It's really neat - we have it positioned where the bottom right section is over the wall plug. While here it's got Mardi Gras stuff on it (only good pic I had with the mirror included), it normally hold out cell phones charging on top of it (our Charging Station). The other 3 sections are juuuust wide enough to hold 17" laptops - the two older children's (to get them out for the kitchen table to do homework) and my own if I need to clear off my desk for a project. This is right across the hallway from the library/office and about seven feet away from my desk. I love it. And it's only 4" deep, which doesn't impede the view or function of the hallway. The previous bench was 18" deep.

Much more functional and appropriate for that particular space.

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