Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I have declared war on my kids' rooms!

Yes, really. I shall vanquish the dust bunnies, polish the pitted surfaces, and *gasp* venture into lands unknown. I shall go where no woman has gone before!

The kids' rooms do get daily maintenance. They are expected to pick up after themselves, occasionally make their beds, put away their books and such. Unfortunately, they don't get thoroughly cleaned as often as they should. It's probably been six months since I magic-eraser-red DD1's desk smudges off, or Pledged the TV stand in my son's room (The Swiffer does make a slightly more regular appearance).

I have also declared war on the contents of everything. It is time to PURGE! I am armed with my black trash bags of doom and ready to wade through it! I'm four bags out from DS' room and hoping to finish DD1's before picking up the children from school.

I also let my older kids pick out a medium size warmer from Scentsy and a bar of fragrance they liked. I'm very, very tired of the smell of stale sweat, old socks, melted lipgloss, and other disgusting things. The warmers have been going for about thirty minutes now and it is AMAZING what a difference there is! My son chose "Shades of Green" which reminds me of the backyard after a good rain and the sun has come out; my daughter went with "Blueberry Cheesecake" which is a bit sickeningly sweet but has a good note for a tween girl's room that doesn't like floral scents.

What are your plans this week? Planning to wage WAR on anything?

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