Saturday, January 28, 2012

Retreat, retreat!

I fear I have lost the Battle of the Bathroom. I have not been able to purge anything close to what I was hoping to. Although I did clear off (and take out) the two pieces of freestanding furniture we were using, there is now no place to put the toilet paper, or the towels.

We have the following built in spaces to make use of:

A four shelf, approx 12" deep and 20" wide, open shelving in the entrance to the master closet.
Under my side of the sink.
Under DH's side of the sink.

This is what I tried to organize into those areas.

  1. Makeup (We should just skip this one. I would be happy with a vanity with many drawers JUST for makeup..)
  2. Nail Polish (No, you can't take my "black with envy" OR my "black lingerie"! They are not the same blacks at all! :P)
  3. Hair Dye (I have a lot, from sales.. pared down about half but still have too much)
  4. Hair Removal (wax, strips, warmer, etc)
  5. DH's hair removal (razors, blades, creams, etc)
  6. Shampoo and conditioner
  7. Hair treatment and styling products (I did purge about half of these)
  8. Lots and lots and lots of Axe wash, deoderant, and spray. And lots and lots of Victoria's Secret "Love Spell" wash (For what I paid, they are "worth" the storage costs)
  9. Skincare (oy.. purged all my Regenerist for Philosophy and STILL have no idea how to store it for ease of use)
  10. Meds and First Aid
  11. Dental Care 
  12. Hair styling tools (including the huge box of Curlformers..)
  13. About 30 Lush bath bombs, melts, soaps, and body butter/buffers.
I do have all my makeup purged and organized into a larger train case and one brush roll. That sits on one of the shelves, next to a wicker box of "I have no idea what the hell this is but apparently we do use it, so here it goes"; the Axe washes and my VS wash take up 2 of the shelves in the closet; the last shelf I had to use for the big bin of first aid supplies and my dressup hairpieces. My organizing adventures and DH's outside job make for quite a lot of injuries, apparently.

We have a really (craptastic) double vanity. I wish I could just leave out my train case and skin care (in something pretty) out on the "between" space, but it just looks cluttered and drives me crazy to do so. Yet, having them in the closet doesn't help at all because these are things I use daily! I have no idea where to put them where they won't drive me nuts.

I think I may go to one of the hanging towel racks with the towels rolled up on the wall to take care of that, but I really had hoped to hide the TP under DH's sink, and that's not happening.

Fine, bathroom, you win for now.. but I'll be back with reinforcements!

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