Friday, February 10, 2012

February Challenge Update 1

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We still have not found a home for the lovely ferrets. I have lots of people wanting them free from CL (which is fine!) but I'm trying to find someone who wants their cage and stuff as well (asking about 1/4 what we paid, and the ferrets are free.. seems cheap to me?) We will give it one more week and then just give them away and set the cage etc at the curb.



Even the bins O.O ZOMG! The chairs, a pile of really high end clothes I'm going to try to sell or consign, and the dresser and things beside it are left. The rest is GONE.

Baby steps, baby steps! I also got some of the garage cleared out. Although not part of this challenge, it made sense to go ahead and set all those things at the curb at the same time as the rest was leaving. That was a good decision.

Here is what's left to go through:

The dresser will be going to the garage, the wrapping paper holder to the attic (DH just forgot to put it away after Christmas) and the pink boxes will be reorganized and rehomed in a cabinet in the garage (fabrics that were discontinued that go with dd2's room.) There is a home waiting for them. The game chairs are staying until we get new seating for this room, and then they will also be hitting the curb. 

Then....painting shall begin to give us a nice fresh blank canvas to work on!


  1. Wow you have made great progress. Feels great doesn't it.

  2. we have similar progress...getting things GONE! keep it up!