Sunday, December 11, 2011

Things are coming along!

It's been awhile since I updated - I know how busy I am if I can't find a few minutes to update the blog or link it to OrgJunkie!

The kitchen cabinets and granite have been installed, and they are GORGEOUS. Here are some pictures!

We went to ceiling height cabinets which ggave us a LOT more space; the corners are now accessible, also giving additional space; the bar was cut down by 6" (it was a very odd height) and paneled to match the cabinetry; and we gained more cabinets above the pass through bar and over the fridge (not pictured). We also added a bookshelf onto the end that you can see here for my cookbooks, recipe binders, index card holder, etc. I will probably re-home my coupon items here as well when I can find a pretty and accessible storage solution since I tend to sort them at the kitchen table.

Interior view - lots of custom items here! In the very middle, bottom drawer - that was custom created to hold my crockpot so I can get it out easily. The drawer above that is sized to hold DH's waffle makers (also used frequently). The slot not filled in on the left is for a pull-out butcher block. Not pictured to the right of the stove is a vertical cabinet to hold all my cookie sheets out of the way (I plan to replace the stove with one that has a warmer drawer, in stainless steel).

My pride and joy! This is our custom designed workstation! These are not bookcases, but cabinets - the doors have not yet been installed. There is a drawer for each of the kids in the middle of the desk area, TONS of storage, and an entire SHEET of sheet metal for magnetic organizing! I've already ordered a huge magnetic custom week-by-week calendar on Etsy to match our decor. I will post pics of the filled cabinets later to show just how much they hold!

Not the best shot in the world, but it will have to do - a closeup of our chosen granite and woodstain :) I love how the color of the stain is actually part of the stone! We could not have had something *made* that matched this well! I'm so proud of myself for picking this out, can you tell?

Last highlight so far - my new sink and fixture. That's the Moen faucet I've always dreamed of - pull out, button to spray, and a single dish extra deep sink that I can wash my biggest roaster or cookie sheets in! I sparkly heart it - and the matching soap dispenser on the right too! As you can tel, we still need to pick out tile, which I have to make room in our busy schedule for very, very shortly.


  1. I am uber jealous of your kitchen! (and glad to see you posting again, i was worried! how are you feeling?)

  2. The cough and hoarseness are sticking around, but on the whole I seem to be *knock on wood* on the mend!

    We've been uber busy with Science Fair with two of our kids, and the kitchen, and karate, and holiday shopping... I need to remember to update more often but since I've stuck to just home organizing as a subject I haven't had anything to post really till now. Should I expand and update daily or weekly even if it's off the organizing topic? That way ya'll know I'm still alive! LOL