Saturday, November 5, 2011

I haz a plan

I have many, many things that have to be done this week. I am working on listing them out and making them work, as I'm still resting and in pretty bad shape.

Tomorrow (Saturday) - sit and help the older kids with their Science Fair research during the day. All kids may be able to go over to neighbor's to play in the afternoon. SIL and BIL are stopping by to pick up the party supplies that they left in the garage, and I may tangle BIL into helping move the hutch with neighbor's husband to neighbor's house (who wants the hutch). And then I shall possibly nap, or watch Hulu and chill out.

Sunday - DH is off work as usual. Will lift and move as little as possible while helping him clear out the kitchen. Have a very painful decision to make; I have a border of coffee mugs on the tops of the old cabinets, and the new cabinets are going to the ceiling. They are cheap mugs and normally I wouldn't think a thing of just tossing them, they were there to fill space - but my mother gave me most of them, hunted them down at the Dollar Store for me, and she passed away in June. I don't know if I can let go of them yet, and the thought of them boxed up or gathering dust where I can't see them either literally has me in tears. I don't want to be attached to
"stuff", but this particular thing is huge to me as it's kind of the housewarming gift she gave us, that I picked out, and there's not much else of her in my home to remember her by.

Kitchen must be 90% cleared out, all dishes done and out of the dishwasher etc Sunday night. While DH attacks that with the kids, I will be working on the paperwork for the girls' IEP meetings Monday and getting organized so that I'm not caught flat footed and have what I need to get what they need done.

Monday - The IEP meetings are at 9am and 10am. There is no way they will take only an hour; I already foresee adjournment. There is too much the school is not doing that they should and are in violation, and in other ways there are many changes that need to be made to the existing docs, for which I have documentation and am prepared to argue. DD1 is 11 and will be sitting in on her IEP for the first time so she can speak about what she needs. We will see how it goes. I hope well, but I suspect "not well".

Then we journey to Lowe's or similar to get new non-louvered doors for the pantry (ugh, hate them!) and a new microwave, because they are going to custom frame in the microwave to look nice. I hope to find some sort of deal but for stainless I know it's not going to be cheap.

Kitchen must be totally empty that night, and the kids have karate. Trying to figure out where to set up a peanut butter/tuna fish sandwich station somewhere else in the house with some dry snacks and bottled water for packed lunches and snacks. Have some disposable stuff, need to get disposable coffee cups and plates.

Tuesday - the kitchen crew may or may not arrive. It depends on when the cabinets are done (they are being made offsite). They will be here Tuesday, Wed, or Thurs - but WE must be ready by Tuesday in case they are ready to go. Ripout should take one day, maybe two but they really think one. Reform will take one day. Cabinet placement one to two days, and then it's a week's wait for the granite installer after he gets the final exact measurements. I don't know if the backsplash goes in before or after the granite, no clue. then paint touchups and such and it'll be DONE hallelulah!

Outside of the kitchen going on, it should be a "normal" week going on around that. I need to make it up to the storage place at some point during the week and arrange to go down from a 10x10 unit to a 5x5 unit; we'll be moving the few things left in the 10x10 to the new 5x5 and then taking the Halloween boxes from the garage to the new 5x5 and filling it up. Then that will be done, and has accomplished cutting that bill in half (we gave away a lot of stuff out of the 10x10) AND as of tonight the outdoor storage shed is no longer storing Halloween crap. Yay. DH is very happy about this, and so am I. Some things remain to go out there that he will work on during the week such as the pool chemicals going from the garage to the building, and such. Eventually, that will have the GARAGE all cleaned up. Again. And three things will get marked off my OrgJunkie weekly challenges :) Woot woot!

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